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Less Pollution and Enhanced Engine Performance With Synthetic Oil Changes

Choosing the best motor oil for your engine is not a choice that should be taken lightly. The motor oil we use not only impacts our vehicles, our engine and our economy, it also impacts our environment. What type of motor oil we put in our cars can determine if it will help our vehicle perform better and if it will hurt the planet more, or reduce the waste that is damaging it. Today, at Mooresville Synthetic Oil, we want to explain why synthetic oil changes may prove to be the best alternative to a less polluted Earth and a more enhanced engine.

Helping the Environment With More Conscious Vehicle Maintenace Choices

There is an incredible amount of substantial pollution being created by the lack of proper disposal of used motor oil and this is very alarming. Using hybrid cars, riding bikes instead of driving everywhere and choosing public transportation whenever possible are some great ways to reduce the pollution and environmental damage that is constantly being caused. Yet, realistically it is extremely difficult and not very likely that everyone will be able to opt for those alternatives all the time, at some point or another we all need to use our cars and can´t exactly trade it in immediately for a more ecological type of vehicle. We can, however, take care of our vehicles so that they produce less pollution and use quality products that cause less harm to the environment.

Decrease the Amount of Environment Waste With Synthetic Oil

Motor oil is one of the most harmful vehicle fluids that can constantly result in waste environmental problems. Around 40 million gallons of oil are disposed of incorrectly every year in the United States. That is an enormous amount of contamination being thrown into our sewers and other waterways. Most of the oil that are disposed of is regular motor oil. This is because conventional motor oil has a much weaker composition and leads to a faster dissolution of valuable lubricating properties, requiring that it be changed much sooner and more often that synthetic oil. Quality synthetic motor oil has a much more beneficial impact on your overall engine performance and produces less harm on the environment. For the best synthetic oil on the market visit our Amsoil online shop, this minute, or contact us today and let us help you find the best products for your vehicle.

2 Things to Consider for a More Earth-Friendly Choice; Conventional vs. Synthetic

  • Duration. How long your motor oil lasts before needing to be removed, disposed of and replaced is crucial. The more often you need to change the oil the more oil that you will end up disposing of and this will add to the environmental waste already being accumulated. Motor oil that lasts longer means fewer oil changes and less oil being thrown out and disposed of. Full synthetic oil is the only type of motor oil that can go extensive lengths of time and mileage before needing to be changed. Synthetic oil can help you reduce the amount of oil change and quantity of oil being disposed of by more than 50% in some cases even more. Amsoil Signature Series full synthetic oil is the most efficient synthetic oil when it comes to reduced waste and fewer oil changes, it can go up to 25,000 before it requires that it be replaced. Truly you can see the advantages of this, from longer durability to less money being wasted in regular oil changes and reduced disposal of used oil.
  • Lower volatility. Motor oil does not just wear out it also has a tendancy to slightly evaporate when it hits really high degrees. This is more common in conventional oil as it can result in an 18% loss due to extreme heat evaporation, unlike synthetic oil that only sufferes around 8% of evaporation loss. This is not only affecting the need to refill and add more oil and costing you more money but it also means that conventional oil creates more contaminants that are released into the air.

Prolong Oil Change Intervals When You Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Statesville

Responsibly disposing of the used motor oil when you change it, is vital. Find a nearby hazardous waste disposal facility and make sure you always take the used motor oil and other waste there so that it can be disposed of correctly. Start reducing the amount of waste your engine produces by getting synthetic oil changes. Call us at (336) 247-0212 and save the environment from more waste  while protecting your engine from harmful friction.


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