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How Synthetic Oil and the Cooling System Help Prevent Engine Damage Caused by the Heat

The extreme heat is one of the most altering conditions that your vehicle faces, and this intensifies during the summer. Keeping your vehicle safe, and your engine in good shape should be among your top priorities this summer. At Mooresville Synthetic Oil, we want to share some important maintenance advice that can help you avoid damage to your engine in the hot summer weather.

Friction and Heat Are Dangerous for Your Engine

Heat and friction are two of the most threatening factors for your vehicle´s engine. In a previous post, we discussed how friction can harm your engine and lead to destructive damage. Just like the moving parts inside the engine create friction there are many factors that cause heat to build up inside the engine. Almost all of the functions that the engine carries out contribute to the accumulation of heat. The summer temperatures also contribute to the rising temperatures inside your vehicle. That is why your engine is at greater risk of overheating during the summer.

Fight Friction and Heat With Synthetic Oil

Friction itself creates heat (click here to read more on this). Synthetic oil fights off friction while preventing heat from accumulating in the engine. Through friction elimination and heat absorption, synthetic oil is able to efficiently lubricate and cool down the engine parts that it covers. In another post, we mentioned the main differences between conventional, synthetic blend and full synthetic motor oil. One of the biggest differences is the ability to withstand heat. Regular motor oil and synthetic blend oils are not as great at dealing with excessive temperatures. Although other motor oils tend to break down and deplete their protective properties in the heat, synthetic oil, is able to withstand and decrease such intense temperatures.

Check and Change the Engine Oil

It is incredibly important to always check your motor oil and change it when required. Without enough oil running through the system the engine will struggle with friction and the temperatures can intensify. Over time, all motor oils begin to accumulate impurities that can wear out their properties. Even synthetic oil does at some point, need to be changed. Read more on the prolonged change intervals of synthetic oil and the importance of oil checks and changes, here.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change This Summer

In order to avoid overheating, the engine needs high-level lubrication and complete friction protection. Getting a synthetic oil change at the beginning of the summer will ensure that your vehicle is ready to hit the road and reduces the chances of overheating. AMSOIL synthetic oil can provide the utmost care for your engine. Contact us today and let us provide everything you need for the summer protection of your engine.

The Cooling System Works to Eliminate Heat

Although the lubrication system of your engine is of utmost importance for friction and heat protection, there is another system that is excruciatingly necessary. The cooling system specializes in dealing with the constant heat that your vehicle faces. The coolant, radiator, pressure cap, water pump, fan, thermostat, and hoses, are the main parts of the cooling system. The different parts of the cooling system work together to help the coolant flow throughout the engine  in order to refresh it and maintain a safe temperature.

Add Coolant as Needed and Check the Cooling System

When there is a problem in any of the parts that make up the cooling system, the engine is likely to face an increase in temperature that can be harmful. Generally, when the temperature in the engine starts to rise it is due to low levels of coolant. Checking the coolant and adding more when the levels start to drop can prevent this. However, this is not always the case, sometimes there is enough coolant but if there is a failure in the water pump the coolant will not flow where it needs to and the engine will heat up. Whatever the case, if your engine starts to heat up often you need to have it checked right away, as this could lead to greater more chaotic damage.

Summer Care for Your Engine With the Best Synthetic Oil Change Specials in Mooresville

Prevention is crucial when it comes to caring for your engine. Start off the summer by providing your engine with the best lubrication and heat protection. Get a synthetic oil change today, and choose AMSOIL products for better engine preservation. Call us at (336) 247-0212 and get a hold of our specials for the summer.


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