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There are some aspects of caring for your vehicle that you may complete regularly but have not give much thought to. Yet, even these less significant maintenance tasks make an impactful difference in ways you may not have realized. Washing and cleaning your car is one of those aspects that seems to be just a regular part of giving your vehicle a good appearance but it actually does a lot more for your car than just make it look nice. That is why today at Mooresville Synthetic Oil we want to talk about why it is important to keep your vehicle clean in every aspect.

Synthetic Oil Allows Your Engine to Stay Clean and Performing Properly

In our previous post, we explained how harmful sludge and buildup can be for your engine. The formation of buildup inside the engine generates a filthy environment that affects the performance of the motor parts. Buildup can also deprive the engine of highly necessary lubrication by preventing the oil from properly flowing. This causes the engine to have a hard time completing its functions and creates excessive wear on the motor parts. Make sure that you avoid all types of buildup such as sludge by using the best synthetic oil. AMSOIL synthetic oil can provide immediate benefits and will keep your engine sludge-free and clean. Contact us now and get the right products to help your vehicle work better and more efficiently.

Maintaining the Inside of the Hood Clean Can Help Prevent Problems

There are a few other ways you can help prevent sludge build up and other types of engine damage. Cleaning under the hood of your vehicle may seem insignificant but it can be greatly beneficial. In fact, it can help prevent all sorts of deterioration inside your engine. There are many engine pieces that are made of a less durable material such as rubber and plastic and these items can become easily worn out by the excessive gunk that tends to accumulate under the hood. The dirt and dust that builds up on these areas also makes its way inside the engine and can potentially contaminate the oil promoting the sludge and buildup. That is why it is important to make sure that you make an effort to keep the area inside the hood clean.

How to Clean Inside the Hood of Your Car

Cleaning inside the hood is easy to do if you make it part of your car cleaning routine since the beginning. All you need to do is grab a rag and wipe off the surfaces. Be sure to clean off any dirty or greasy spots that seem to be building up. Under no circumstances should you try to grab a hose and rinse down all the inside of the hood because this can cause problems. Some engines, especially newer models, have several important wires and electrical pieces that should not get wet. Rising down the inside of the hood can cause water to get inside these areas and ruin the pieces. It is best that you have the inside of your hood cleaned by a professional if it has gotten very dirty and filthy. Once you do that you can just work on maintaining it clean by wiping off the surfaces around once a week.

Quick Tips for Cleaning Your Vehicle´s Interior

  • Remove any trash on a daily basis from your vehicle.
  • Be mindful of what you take inside your vehicle and remember to take it out if it isn´t necessary to keep it there.
  • Use a car deodorizer for strong smells and take care of stains and strong odors immediately.
  • Disinfect the steering wheel, door handles, and other high-contact areas regularly.
  • Aim to dust off the surfaces and dashboard once a week before vacuuming the interior.
  • If you only vacuum and clean the interior every other week try to at least take out the mats and dust them off once a week.

Very Simple Steps for Washing and Cleaning Your Vehicle´s Exterior

  • Wash your windows from both the inside and outside with a good window cleaner.
  • Once you clean the exterior with a soapy sponge or cloth rinse it off and dry it with a soft cloth or microfiber rag.
  • Use the right soap for your vehicle and avoid any products not intended for use on your car´s exterior. For more information on this and other car washing tips and vehicle maintenance information read Toyota´s recommendations, here. 

Keep Your Vehicle Clean and Safe With a Synthetic Oil Change in Statesville

Simplify the task of keeping your vehicle in good shape with AMSOIL full synthetic oil. Call (336) 247-0212 and begin keeping your vehicle clean in every aspect.


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