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Focus on Dirt Bikes and Their General Maintenance Needs

There are all kinds of different motorcycles and each is specialized to serve a specific purpose. Since not all motorcycles serve the same purpose, their characteristics and care are also not the same. One perfect example is dirt bikes. Dirt bikes are made for outdoor adventures and created to endure difficult roads. We previously discussed the most common types of motorcycles, today we want to focus on dirt bikes and a few of their basic maintenance needs.

Dirt Bike Engine: Quality Lubrication is a Basic Need

If you enjoy riding and like tough trails, then dirt bike riding is the perfect hobby or sport for you. Dirt bikes are fun and tough vehicles, but they do require maintenance and regular care. Different types of dirt bikes may vary in the care and type of maintenance they require. However, for the most part, they all have certain needs that must be met. Lubrication is the most vital necessity, and just like all other vehicles, dirt bikes require quality lubricants that withstand all kinds of engine conditions.

All Dirt Bikes Require High-Performing Lubrication

Lubrication needs in dirt bikes vary depending on the engine. A dirt bike may either have a two-stroke and four-stroke engine. Each of these has different lubrication needs. Four-stroke dirt bike oil is somewhat similar to the one you use in your car because it comes in different oil grades. No matter what type of dirt bike you have, it is very important that you read the owner's manual and follow the stated recommendations in regards to all maintenance requirements and lubrication specifications. The oil for two-stroke dirt bikes is very different than that in cars or other vehicles because it is mixed with gasoline either before it is added (premix) or inside the engine (injector safe). Check your owner's manual to learn what is the best type of motor oil for your two-stroke or four-stroke engine, but always use the best products available. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants offer absolute protection and friction fighting power that take care of your engine even in harsh riding conditions. Contact Mooresville Synthetic Oil today, for more information on how to find the ideal and most outstanding maintenance products for your dirt bike.

Check and Change the Oil in Your Dirt Bike

Once you have a better idea of the type of oil your dirt bike really needs, make sure you check and change it as needed. Dirt bikes usually require an oil change every 8-10 hours of operation. Some riders like to change the oil after every ride just to make sure it's in the best condition. This is usually necessary only when you put your dirt bike through extreme use and go through very muddy trails. However, the best thing you can do is follow your manufacturer's suggested interval for oil changes.

3 Very Simple Ways to Keep Your Dirt Bike Running in Good Condition

  • Clean the air filter. A dirty air filter can bring up lots of problems in your engine and can lead to costly damage repair. All you need to do is clean out the air filter, make sure it is properly coated with air-filter oil, and replace it when it has become much too worn out.
  • Tires should be in good condition. This may sound obvious, but it is still important that we mention it. The tires take a huge toll, especially during tough rides. They are what have direct contact with all the rough conditions of the road. That is why you need to ensure that they stay in great condition and reduce road dangers by making sure they are ready for all your rides.
  • Make sure your dirt bike is always clean. Wash your dirt bike right after you get home and dry it before putting it away. Always make it a habit to at least rinse off the dirt before storing it. Ignoring the importance of washing your dirt bike can lead to engine difficulty, breaking problems, and all sorts of fluid contamination. You see, the dirt that gets stuck to the exterior can very easily make its way inside the internal pieces. Once it does this, it can quickly corrupt the fluids running inside and may lead to greater issues.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Cornelius for Your Dirt Bike

Always check the oil, change it when necessary, and never head out without inspecting all other areas of your bike. Use good, trustworthy products and remember that you can never go wrong with AMSOIL. Contact Mooresville Synthetic Oil today at (336) 247-0212 and purchase what you need to better care for your dirt bike.


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