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Motorcycle lubrication care, maintenance, and engine safety. Rider protection and safety precautions. Tips for wearing the right motorcycle riding gear.

Advice for Maintaining Your Motorcycle Safe and Taking Better Riding Precautions

Motorcycles aren´t just fun, they are quite practical. Every year motorcycles become more and more popular among persons that usually drive alone. Their fuel saving and compact characteristic create the perfect advantage over cars. Yet, they also present more risks for the rider than a regular car. That is why today we want to discuss some general safety information that you need to keep in mind to improve your safety when riding your motorcycle.

Avoid Accidents by Keeping the Engine in Good Shape and Well Maintained

When it comes to motorcycle safety, regular maintenance, and constant verification of the bike´s condition is a must. If your bike starts to malfunction and something goes wrong while you drive, it can cause you to have an accident. Always inspect the oil and ensure that you have enough lubrication to protect your engine. Verify that the oil is in a good state, and if necessary replace it. Depending on the use you give your bike and the kind of oil you use, the oil will need to be replaced every 3,000 miles. Use synthetic oil for the best protection. AMSOIL synthetic oil facilitates the care of your engine, prolongs oil change intervals and improves the performance of the engine.  Contact Mooresville Synthetic Oil right now and try their high-quality motorcycle oils.

Other Maintenace Tasks You Must Carry out in Order to Ensure Your Bike Is in Safe Riding Conditions

You must also inspect other areas of your bike to ensure that you avoid malfunctions that could cause an accident. Always check that your tires are in good condition and well inflated. Verify that the brakes are working well and that both the front and rare brakes are in good conditions. Ensure that the chain is well adjusted and that all nuts and bolts are properly tightened. Also, make sure that the battery is properly charged and that it does not have any leaks or failures. Another thing to keep in mind is that even though motorcycles are great gas-savers you still need to run your bike on a good amount of fuel and should avoid letting the fuel levels drop too low.

Protect Yourself by Wearing the Right Gear

Motorcycle accidents are more prone to severe injuries and have a much higher risk of claiming your life. When riding a motorcycle your entire body is exposed, any accident will have ten times the impact and can lead to twenty times the damage. That is why it is extremely vital that you not only keep your motorcycle in top conditions and that you ensure that all parts of your bike are working well, but also that you use the right gear.

Tips for Staying Protected with the Right Riding Attire

  • Always wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet should not even be an option it should be your second-hand nature to always wear one before even turning your bike on. Not wearing a helmet makes you 40% more likely to suffer a deadly head injury in a crash.
  • Never use sandals and opt for shoes with good grip. Another huge mistake you can make is to use shoes that don´t have a good grip or even worse to try and ride your bike with sandals. Wearing shoes that don´t have good grip can be incredibly dangerous because it doesn´t allow you to truly control the bike the way you should. It doesn´t matter if you aren´t going very far, it doesn´t take much for your sandals to slip and for you to lose control.
  • Wear protective clothing. Even if you are a very experienced rider, accidents can happen. So be prepared and also wear the right clothing that way if something should happen you minimize the damage. That means you should wear pants, long sleeves or a jacket, and if possible over the ankle shoes. For more safety precautions and information on how to stay safe when riding your motorcycle, read the advice that Consumer Reports provides, in this link.

Keep Your Motorcycle Safe with a Synthetic Oil Change in Iredell County

Do not place yourself at risk. Always make sure your motorcycle is well maintained and in good conditions. AMSOIL carries the best lubricants for motorcycles and has the right products for the care and maintenance of your vehicles. To purchase the highest-quality products contact Mooresville Synthetic Oil right now at (336) 247-0212.


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