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The price of gas rising doesn’t mean that you have to leave your car at home and forget about its conveniences. It just means some small changes to your time on the road.

If you were to bring up the subject of gas prices at a friend or work gathering, then you will find out that you aren’t the only looking for ways to reduce the number of trips you make to the gas station without leaving your car at home each day.

Easy Changes to Save You Fuel

Mooresville Synthetic Oil knows that owning and driving a vehicle isn’t just convenient, it’s also enjoyable and, at times, relaxing. With this in mind, Mooresville Synthetic Oil has a great post to share with tips to help you save on fuel without giving up your vehicle.

Are You an A/C Addict?

There is no doubting that your car’s air conditioner is one of the most convenient features of your vehicle. However, using it also comes at a cost, being additional fuel usage. So when should you switch it on? If you are traveling on a freeway at a decent speed, then switching on the air conditioner is a great idea. Not only does it reduce the noise inside your vehicle, but keeping your windows up prevents air resistance building up inside your vehicle, causing your engine to work harder. However, if you are simply driving around town to complete your errands, at a moderate speed, then lowering your windows is a good choice. By lowering both the front and back (slightly) windows you can encourage fresh air inside your engine and push out hot stale air.

No More Warming Up

While it doesn’t seem like much, warming up your engine for 5 minutes each morning adds up to more than an entire day of your car just sitting in the driveway idling and wasting fuel. The reason you were taught to warm up your vehicle is actually to warm up the conventional oil inside your engine. Overnight, as the temperature drops, conventional oil becomes thick and needs to first be warmed up before it can return to a consistency at which is can protect your engine. You can remove the need to warm up your engine and waste fuel by switching out your conventional oil for synthetic oil. By design, synthetic oil resists thickening during cold temperatures overnight, not only removing the need to be warmed up, but providing protection for your engine as soon as you turn the key. Click here to buy Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil and, with the help of a synthetic oil change, keep your engine in good shape. To find out more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change in High Point, NC or for help placing an order, speak with an expert at Mooresville Synthetic Oil by calling (336) 247-0212 or don’t hesitate to check out the online store.

Take It Easy on Your Gears

Driving an automatic transmission doesn’t give you a lot of control over your vehicle’s performance, however, a manual transmission does, including the ability to control aspects of gas usage. Each time the RPM of your vehicle increases, usually accompanied by the sound of your gears being pushed further and further, your engine has to work harder. It’s only a small amount, but given the number of times you perform this behavior, over the course of a year it can add up.
  • When you can see a red light approaching or the need to slow down for a turn, instead of shifting-down through your gears to control the speed of your vehicle, take your foot from the gas pedal and use your brakes to slow and control your vehicle.
  • When it comes time to start driving once again, don’t push each of your gears to its limit before shifting up. Instead, listen to your gears and change when comfortable.
These small changes can keep your RPM at a reasonable level, taking pressure from your engine and adding up to small amounts of saved fuel.

Search for Better Routes

Simple math tells you that you can easily reduce your gas usage by reducing the number of miles you travel and also the amount of time you are stopped in congested traffic. However, this doesn’t mean giving up any conveniences, it just means being smart about your routes. Start with an online mapping service to see where each of your regular errands are in close enough proximity to complete in one day or one trip, then:
  • Create routes between each one which minimizes the miles you need to drive.
  • Consider the common places where you are often stuck in traffic congestion and avoid these spaces.
  • Look for better times to complete each journey.
  • Identify any potential places to park and walk to a range of errands.
As you can see, choosing smarter routes is a great way to enjoy the conveniences of your vehicle without excessive gas usage.

Keep Your Engine in Good Health with a Synthetic Oil Change in High Point, NC

In addition to the above ideas, keeping your gas usage low also depends on the health of your engine. Basic maintenance like checking your fluids and giving your engine a synthetic oil change is a great start. To find out more or for help finding the right product for your engine type, pick up the phone and speak with a professional at Mooresville Synthetic Oil by calling (336) 247-0212.


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