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With spring weather comes the all-too-familiar spring clean of your home. This year, why not also treat your vehicle to the same clean.

When it comes to keeping a home looking its best, regular cleaning and maintenance is the best way to achieve it. However, despite your hard work, personal items and junk eventually accumulate, leaving you with a home full of clutter. Until, of course, your spring clean gives you and your family a fresh start and a fresh home.

Your Vehicle Can Benefit from a Spring Clean

This year, consider just how cluttered and messy your vehicle has become and give it the same treatment as your home.  Mooresville Synthetic Oil has prepared a post with some great tips to help get you started.

Battery Check

The first place to start is with your battery. After all, if your battery stops working suddenly then your engine won’t start. Simple as that. A visual inspection is all that’s needed to see the condition of your battery. If there is any grime or dirt build up on the cables or the terminals, use a clean dry cloth to safely wipe it away. Simply keeping the terminals clean can help prevent you from getting stuck at the grocery store with a trunk filled with melting groceries. Of course, if you can see corrosion or even a leak, be sure to have the battery replaced sooner rather than later.

Air Filter

Your engine needs air for combustion, which is filtered by your aptly named air filter. This part of your engine prevents dirt and debris from entering your engine. However, it doesn’t last forever. Removing your old one and installing a new air filter is a great way to not only limit your mechanic costs, but it can also boost your engine performance greatly.

Engine Oil and Fluids

Even the newest engines rely on a range of engine oils and fluids to keep them operating. If these fluids run low or they become run down then your engine performance decreases until eventually, it stops working. Start by making a list of all the fluids and oils your engine relies on and work your way through it, remembering these points:
  • Make sure the products you are using are high-quality.
  • Don’t simply top up a low fluid, flush it out and replace it.
  • If you spill any fluids, remember to clean it up before you move on.
  • Inspect The fluid lines and wipe away any grime or dirt with a damp clean cloth.
  • Once you have finished, store what is left over in your trunk upright.
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Despite the hard work that your wheels and tires do to keep you moving through a range of weather and road conditions, motorists rarely spend much time ensuring theirs are in good shape. This spring clean, include your tires and consider these points:
  • You don’t perform this task often, so don’t rush it. Take your time.
  • Try to inspect your tires and wheels outside in the bright sun to better your ability to find any problems.
  • Check for cracks, bald spots (areas where is no tread), and lodged debris. You can simply remove any debris, but if you can see cracks or bald spots, the tire needs to be replaced.
  • Check the tire pressure in each tire and ensure it is correct.
  • Seems you are looking closely at your wheels, look at your brakes and check their condition.

The Interior

It is equally as important as the engine maintenance tips mentioned above. During this task, remind yourself that it isn’t an activity which you perform regularly, so give it 100% effort, keeping these items in mind:
  • While you may not want to, you need to remove all items from your car, such as junk and personal items stored around the vehicle.
  • If you have car seats, you’ll need to wash these separately, ensuring they are completely dry before you reinstall them.
  • If possible, take out the carpet from your trunk and wash it. Otherwise, use a spot cleaner or other product to freshen up your trunk.
  • Your vacuum cleaner attachments are a great help to reach more places, such as where your pedals are located which can accumulate dirt and debris.
  • Clean dirt and grime away from rubber seals and knobs with a damp clean cloth

Boost Your Engine Performance and Improve Fuel Efficiency with a Synthetic Oil Change in High Point, NC

Keeping your vehicle in good well maintained isn’t just about how it looks, but also extending its lifespan. To find out more about how simple maintenance like a synthetic oil change can benefit your engine, speak with an expert on the subject at Mooresville Synthetic Oil by calling (336) 247-0212.


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