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Synthetic Oil Offers Superior Engine Lubrication

The main reason why oil changes are such a vital part of the maintenance of your vehicle is because of the protection against friction that oil provides. However the level of protection depends greatly on the type of motor oil you use. That is why today at Mooresville Synthetic Oil we want to discuss how friction affects the engine and the importance of synthetic oil changes for better protection against it.

How Friction Works

Inside an engine there are many different parts and pieces, each carries out specific and important functions to make sure the engine works properly and your car runs well. Many of these parts and pieces which make up the intricate engine system are constantly in movement. Due to the constant movement of all these engine parts and because they are connected and need to be interacting with one another they are often rubbing harshly against one another.

Protect Against Friction With Synthetic Oil

The rubbing against engine parts as they work together to get certain jobs done is what causes constant friction. If the engine pieces that are in repeated movement are not properly lubricated then they can suffer severe wear and eventually completely breakdown, causing your engine to not function and your vehicle will likely be inoperable.  You can read our previous post here to find out more on how friction can cause your car to use up gasoline much faster and how you can prevent this from happening and improve fuel economy with synthetic oil.  Start saving today and get your synthetic oil change now. To purchase the right synthetic oil for your engine visit our AMSOIL online store or contact us directly to find the right products for your vehicle.

Proper Lubrication to Prevent Friction

The continuous rubbing and agitation caused by friction can lead to a quick deterioration and dangerous wear and tear. So why do engine parts not breakdown after a few miles? Well, because the lubrication system of the engine is in charge of making sure this doesn´t happen. The lubrication system is ran by the motor oil you put inside the engine, and consist of all the parts that allow the oil to travel throughout the engine parts that need lubrication. There are several pieces that make up the lubrication system and in some cars their location may vary but in general some of the parts that make up the lubrication system are the following; the pickup tube, the oil pump, the pressure relief valve, the oil filter, and the oil pan.

How the Lubrication System Works

The  oil pan is where the oil sits while the car is not on and when it needs to cool off, as soon as you start your car the oil is suctioned from here and into the pickup tube so that, it can start to quickly lubricate the engine, but before it can do that it must pass through the oil filter. The oil filter is where any dirt or soot that the oil has picked up is filtered and removed so that the oil that goes on to lubricate does not continue to spread that dirt or get it stuck elsewhere. Next the oil falls through spurt holes or galleries and is spread out as it drips from these holes to lubricate the engine parts thoroughly. Once it has gone throughout the engine covering up the parts that need lubrication it then returns to the oil pan where it cools off and repeats this process as needed.

Synthetic Oil Prevents Engine Wear

Synthetic oil is the motor oil that can most effectively get this job done and can continue to work properly for a prolonged period of time without losing its lubrication properties. It is not affected by the heat and infact does not need long periods to cool off, since its molecular structure does not breakdown in high degrees. Neither does it become slow or thick when confronting extreme cold, making it ideal for quick start ups without having to suffer the engine wear that occurs with cold starts. In fact 90% of engine deterioration happens at startup because it is when it is most exposed to the harmful effects of friction.

Incredible Specials for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Iredell County

Provide complete coverage against friction for your engine, and experience the supreme lubrication that Amsoil synthetic oil can provide for your engine.  Ask for quality synthetic oil, ask for Amsoil for your synthetic oil change today. Call us now at (336) 247-0212.


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