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How Synthetic Oil Offers More Advantages Over Other Types of Motor Oil

In our previous post, we discussed the importance of choosing the best type of motor oil for your engine and the environment. We mentioned how synthetic oil is a great option for reducing motor oil waste, due to its prolonged durability. This is why today at Mooresville Synthetic Oil we want to take the time to discuss a few other benefits and advantages that synthetic oil provides over other types of motor oil.

The Best Motor Oil Option is Amsoil Full Synthetic Oil

The more resistant and reliable the motor oil is the less often it will need to be changed, that is why it is better to spend a few extra dollars on a higher level motor oil that will render savings in the long run than to constantly be needing to buy a cheaper motor oil that needs to be replaced more often. The best option of all motor oil types is full synthetic oil. Amsoil full synthetic oil has a constant and incomparable ability to lubricate the engine, providing reliable protection against friction, sludge, heat, cold starts and all other factors that could place your engine in grave danger. Contact Mooresville Synthetic Oil this minute and find out just how much Amsoil can do for your engine.

4 Common Types of Motor Oil and Their Differences

  • Conventional motor oil. The most basic type of motor oil is the regular conventional motor. Its composition is mostly petroleum based and although it is refined and adapted for engine use it still offers several disadvantages due to its more natural component. Petroleum is a naturally derived substance whose molecules are far from uniform, the process that it goes through to convert it into decent motor oil  reduces some of the explosiveness of the molecules but they still remain quite unstable. Due to the instability of the molecules, it cannot offer a high level of protection when facing higher temperatures or lower degrees. It also loses lubrication abilities faster when it undergoes harsher driving conditions.
  • Premium conventional motor oil. There is a higher level conventional motor oil that is known as premium conventional motor oil. This type of motor oil is very similar to conventional motor oil and is made from crude petroleum as well, but it has a different characteristic that makes it a bit better at lubricating and protecting. Unlike regular motor oil, premium conventional motor oil has additives that enhance some of its properties. These additives improve the stability of its molecules and allow it to last a bit longer than simple conventional motor oil, but cannot prolong the durability of the oil all that much.
  • Synthetic oil blend. This type of motor oil has a combination of regular conventional motor oil with synthetic motor oil. In essence, synthetic oil has synthetic molecules that are chemically created and are much more sturdy than those of petroleum-based motor oil. However, synthetic blend motor oils have a portion of synthetic oil and a portion of conventional oil which doesn´t help much as there is still a substantial quantity of petroleum based molecules that will react badly under heat or other extreme conditions. Synthetic blend motor oil may be able to withstand a higher amount of heat than conventional motor oil but cannot provide the full benefits that true synthetic oil can.
  • Full synthetic oil.  No other motor oil can provide as many benefits as full synthetic oil can. The completely enhanced molecular structure of full synthetic oil is like a bionic army of super strong molecules that are all identical and much more powerful than those of conventional or synthetic blend motor oils. The incredibly improved molecular structure that is chemically composed and laboratory created is responsible for the increased benefits. Some of those advantages include; constant lubrication regardless of the driving conditions, sludge and soot protection and elimination, complete resistance to the cold and extreme heat, among others.

Longer Intervals and Greater Savings With Synthetic Oil Change Specials in Iredell County

On top of its many benefits, full synthetic oil also provides a more environmentally friendly motor oil option through its lower volatility and reduced oil waste. The strong molecular structure of Amsoil full synthetic oil allows longer oil change intervals, not to mention the ability to improve the fuel economy of your engine. Get the right motor oil for your engine today, get Amsoil. Call (336) 247-0212 and get ready to experience a positive transformation in your engine with a synthetic oil change.


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