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Driving when the sun is shining is one thing, but driving when the roads are covered in water or ice is quite another. This article can help you to stay safer on the roads during bad weather.

If most of your driving is done during good weather, like when the sun is shining above and the roads are dry, then it can be easy to forget to make some vital adjustments to your driving technique when the weather turns bad.

Easy-To-Adapt Tips for Safe Driving in Bad Weather

To help you stay safer on the roads during bouts of bad weather, Mooresville Synthetic Oil has prepared some easy-to-adapt tips in the article below.

Watch Your Brakes

Each time that you put your foot on the brake pedal, there is a range of factors which determine just how quickly your vehicle will come to a controlled stop. One of the most contributing factors is the condition of the road you’re driving on. This includes vehicles which are equipped with anti-lock braking systems (ABS). When driving on wet or icy roads, it’s important that you apply your brakes sooner than you usually would when you can see that there is a stop coming up. For all other instances, the best method of staying brake-aware is to monitor the behavior of drivers in front and around you. However, don’t let this stop you from looking further. As an example, in addition to the vehicles beside you, consider the vehicle in front of the one you are following. If you see its brakes lights come on, start to apply yours, even if the driver in front hasn’t.

Are You Indicating?

Continuing from the tip above, just as you will be staying aware of the indicator lights of the vehicles in your proximity, be sure that you and your vehicle are showing the same. Each time that you are considering changing lanes, start indicating a few seconds earlier. This will give other motorists around you more opportunity to adjust their cruising speed to accommodate your maneuver. The same goes for if you are expecting to turn a corner or take an off-ramp, as this can be a precursor that you will soon be applying the brakes, and help other motorists keep a safe driving distance. Click here to buy Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil and prevent your engine from slow starts on a cold morning. Designed to start protecting your engine from the moment you turn the ignition, using Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil in conjunction with a synthetic oil change can prevent sluggish performance in the morning and unnecessary engine wear and damage. To find out more about how a synthetic oil change in High Point, NC can benefit you, speak with an expert at Mooresville Synthetic Oil by calling (336) 247-0212 or check out the online store.

Be the One Driving Your Car

There’s just no denying that features like cruise control are convenient. After all, you simply set the speed you want to drive at and then take your feet off the pedals. Unfortunately, the problem with cruise control is in the previous sentence, where you take your feet off the pedals. Often, drivers will go so far as to remove them entirely and rest them by the side. This creates a significant danger when it comes to reacting to adverse conditions ahead, as drivers need to spend an extra second getting their feet to the pedals, often getting them caught on the pedals themselves in the process. While it may not seem like a lot of time, when driving in wet or icy conditions, ever second, or even split-second matters and can be the difference between an accident avoided and one which you are involved in. When the weather is bad, be sure that you are the one driving your vehicle and are ready to react.

Slow Down!

The biggest cause of accidents on the road during bad weather is speed. Not that drivers are traveling above the posted limit, but that drivers are driving faster than is safe for the road conditions. For this reason, this last tip comes in the form of telling you to slow down! This doesn’t mean that you have to drive so slowly that other motorists are blasting their horns, but it just means adapting your cruising speed to the conditions of the weather and the road. When planning any trips, be sure to take this into account and either leave earlier or extend your estimated time of arrival.

Help Your Engine Battle Cold Morning Starts with a Synthetic Oil Change in High Point, NC

If you have noticed that your vehicle sputters in the morning and doesn’t perform as it usually does, a synthetic oil change can help. By coating your engine with a high-quality AMSOIL engine lubricant, a quick synthetic oil change not only improves cold morning starts but also works to prevent engine damage. To learn more or for help finding the right product for your synthetic oil change, speak with Mooresville Synthetic Oil today by calling (336) 247-0212.


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