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When we hear about engine lubrication the first thing we usually think of is motor oil but it actually integrates many other things. The entire lubrication system has several important components and among those  is the oil filter. This small piece is a crucial element that allows the entire system to fully function. Since it is such a vital part that helps keep your engine well lubricated and protected it is important to learn more about it and fully understand its function.

The Lubrication System Has Several Important Components

The lubrication system of your engine is made up of several parts including the oil pan, the oil pump, the pick-up tube, the pressure-relief valve, the oil filter and the spurt holes and galleries. Each of those components plays a part in helping the engine oil get to where it needs to and ensures that it coats and lubricates all the parts that require it. The oil pan stores and holds the oil and it is from here that it gets picked up as needed. The oil pump suctions out the oil and gets it into the pickup tube and oil filter. The oil filter removes any impurities in the oil. The spurt holes and galleries are there to make sure the oil is dripping out evenly and efficiently onto the engine parts.

The Importance of Using a Quality Oil Filter and Changing it as Needed

Although the job of the oil filter is very specific it is highly necessary. The oil filter is in charge of cleaning the oil and ensuring that all the dirt, and any other accumulated impurities and unwanted particles be removed. When the oil passes through the filter all the filth and dirt removed is trapped inside it. The oil is then free to rush into the spurt holes and galleries so it can spread out to coat all the engine parts that need lubrication. All the accumulated gunk remains in the oil filter until it is removed and replaced. That is why it is very important to use a durable oil filter of good quality. AMSOIL carries the best lubrication products to ensure that your engine stays protected against wear at all times. Contact Mooresville Synthetic Oil at (336) 247-0212 now and order the right oil filter for your vehicle.

Replace the Oil Filter Every Time You Change Your Oil

Although it may sound like a good idea to just clean your oil filter once in a while the truth is that this is not a good solution and can actually have a harmful effect in the lubrication of your engine. It is always recommended that you change the oil filter in every oil change in order for it to work efficiently. The oil filter catches many dirty and filthy particles that over time accumulate inside it. This filth can also wear out the oil filter and its ability to continue filtering. Since it retains so much of the sludge and dirt it can start decaying the filter itself. Once the filter starts to wear out it no longer performs its job and can place the engine in danger.

The Structure of the Oil Filter and How it Works

The oil filter looks like a metal can on the outside but inside it has everything it needs to retain all the unwanted particulates that affect the oil and lubrication of your engine. There is a sealing gasket in the oil filter that allows it to be placed tightly and appropriately in the engine. It has a main perforation through which it is threaded and assembled into the engine block. It also contains a base plate that has the gasket attached and several holes are placed around the internal area of the gasket. Inside is a mesh or filter which is commonly made of synthetic material. As the oil pump pushes the oil into the oil filter, it seeps through the holes around the base plate and passes through the filter material where all the impurities are caught. The oil that has been filtered then makes its way to the central hole which directs it back into the engine so it can carry out its lubrication task.

Do Not Neglect the Oil Filter When You Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Mooresville

Just like it is important to change your oil, you also need to change the oil filter. Neglecting to change the oil filter will cause the oil to become contaminated with impurities including metal shavings, dirt, debris and other filth. This can lead to sludge buildup and will contribute to the deterioration of the engine parts. Change your oil filter when you go get your synthetic oil change and save your engine from breakdown and deterioration. Contact Mooresville Synthetic Oil at (336) 247-0212 today to get everything you need for the lubrication and protection of your engine.


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