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Choosing the right ATV for you will significantly depend on the type of riding you’ll be doing. In this post by AMSOIL: Mooresville Synthetic Oil in Mooresville, we’ll go over four different types of ATVs to help you choose the right one.

What Is an ATV?

An all-terrain vehicle, also known as a quad bike, is a vehicle that, as its name states, can ride efficiently on many terrain types. ATVs are characterized by having low-pressure tires, a seat, and handlebars to steer them. ATVs aren’t considered street legal in the United States, but some countries consider them street-legal vehicles. ATVs were initially designed for only one rider, but manufacturers are now building models that can have an operator and a passenger. The best ATV for you will significantly depend on the riding you will be doing, as well as your age. Choosing the best ATV for you will always come down to the one that better fits your lifestyle, needs, and riding skills, so keep that in mind when browsing through the types of ATVs on the market.

Learning the types of ATVs out there can help you make a decision on which one to buy. Once you’ve chosen one, maintain it with the best products like AMSOIL’s 5W-50 Synthetic ATV/UTV Engine Oil from the experts at Mooresville Synthetic Oil. Call them today with all your questions at (336) 247-0212, or visit their website to place an order today!

Utility ATVs

As mentioned above, ATVs come in many shapes and sizes, and the best one for you will depend on what use you intend to give it. Utility ATVs are equipped for extra workloads and are meant to be used as a workhorse, to tow and haul. They also come with a four-wheel drive and have a high ground clearance for rough terrain and obstacles. Utility ATVs are also much better equipped to handle terrains that a sports quad wouldn’t be able to. On the other hand, Utility ATVs don’t handle racing particularly well because they’re much more heavyweight than sports ATVs. That being said, utility ATVs are equipped with large and comfortable seats and have power steering, which helps reduce the rider’s strain. Overall, utility ATVs might not be lightweight, but they can handle large workloads and be an excellent tool for those who need to carry and lift heavy loads daily.

Sport ATVs

Because sports ATVs are designed mainly for speed and running around the racetrack or specific types of trails, they’re manufactured to be as lightweight as possible. These types of ATVs are usually two-wheel drives and are easier to handle due to their smaller size. Sport ATVs are generally cheaper than utility ones as they have less power and features. Still, they can be customized for performance, usability, looks, and comfort, depending on the needs and wants of the rider.

Different types of ATVs have different maintenance requirements, but they all have in common that they would benefit from excellent oil products like the ones from Mooresville Synthetic Oil. Call them today for more information at (336) 247-0212 or place an order today at their online shop.

Youth ATVs

Youth ATVs are designed to cater to the needs of younger, less experienced riders. They’re also designed for them to have a safe experience while riding and honing their skills. Youth ATVs are much less powerful than other ATVs, and some substitute their suspension for coil springs with shock absorbers for a smoother ride and better traction and control. Many have automatic transmission and limits on power and speed to make it safer for young riders. Safety tip: Always keep an eye on young riders until you're confident in their riding abilities.

Side by Side ATVs

Side by side ATVs, also known as UTVs, offroad vehicles, or buggies, are models designed to carry more than one rider. As their name suggests, these types of ATVs have two seats, side by side, for two riders to sit comfortably. There are also models designed for utility or sports, as well as some hybrid models. Utility side by side ATVs can be equipped with a cargo box, a roof rack and can even pull small trailers. Others have cab enclosures for rough terrains. Some have safety features that make them street legal, like turn signals, DOT-approved tires, windshield wipers, and safety belts.

The products from Mooresville Synthetic Oil are made to help your vehicle’s engine run smoothly. Call them for more information at (336) 247-0212 or visit their online shop to view their entire line of products.



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