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The Importance of a Synthetic Oil Change

Having a car and keeping it in good conditions are two very different things. All vehicles require maintenance along with specific cares that allow them to work properly and maintain durability. That is why at Mooresville Synthetic Oil we want to discuss the importance of using the right motor oil and how to make the most of your vehicle by always getting a synthetic oil change.

Minimize Maintenace With Synthetic Oil

When you start your car a lot goes on inside the engine. The engine is what makes your car work, it has many essential components that help your vehicle move, stop, and even speed. Keeping all those parts and engine pieces in good state is crucial. Although the engine has several functions and important roles, one of the ones that needs maintenance more often than others is the lubrication system. Other vehicles and machines that function through the use of an engine also require lubrication. Most lawnmowers for example, run on engines that utilize motor oil. To find out more on how synthetic oil can benefit your other machinery and everyday appliances such as lawnmowers, visit our previous post.

Your Engine Needs the Full Protective Properties of Synthetic Oil

The lubrication system is in charge of keeping all the moving pieces of the engine well lubricated and protected against the dangerous effects of constant friction. No other motor oil is able to better protect and lubricate the engine like Amsoil full synthetic oil, its enhanced formula provides incredible benefits and protective care for your engine. Visit our online store and Contact us now on (336) 247-0212 to find out more on how you can minimize maintenance and improve performance with synthetic oil.

Synthetic Oil Helps the Engine Maintain a Safe Temperature

An important function of motor oil is being able to cool off the engine from hot temperatures and the heat accumulated by the friction within.  Not all engines and cars are the same internally, but most of them have the motor oil pumped out of the oil pan through an oil pump and then passed through the oil filter to remove impurities that may have landed among the oil in the oil pan. It is then ejected to the bearings and cylinders so that it can travel throughout the engine and protect all the moving parts such as the pistons that slide inside the cylinders. As it travels throughout those parts it also absorbs the heat and then travels down to the sump where it cools and continues to be pumped and driven out to provide lubrication continuously. Synthetic oil is able to most effectively cool of the engine because of its stable chemical structure that does not weaken with the heat, rather it absorbs it and keeps the engine cool at all times.

Not All Motor Oils Can Offer the Same Protection

As motor oil travels inside the engine to offer lubrication, it may face many factors such as intense temperatures regarding on the weather and internal conditions of the engine. It can also encounter sludge and soot and other elements that may alter its composition. It is because of this, that the type of motor oil you use makes such an important difference. Synthetic oil is able to help eliminate sludge problems and get rid of soot build that can create many complications inside the engine, and even lead to engine failures.

Synthetic Oil Has Numerous Advantages Over Conventional Motor Oil

Regular motor oil will not be able to keep its protective properties after confronting negative factors such as intense heat. In the heat it will begin deteriorating its molecular structure and loose the ability to fully lubricate. It can also be damaged by soot and other dirty particles it picks up along the way, causing it to not be able to properly lubricate and become worn out quickly so that it needs to be constantly replaced. On the other hand, synthetic oil is able to constantly offer outstanding protection against friction and other harsh elements because it is not altered by most of this unfavorable factors.

Amsoil Specials for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Statesville

Do not risk your engine at the hands of just any motor oil, use only the best and finest full synthetic oil. Ask for Amsoil, in your synthetic oil change. Amsoil is the most complete and highest quality synthetic oil on the market. Ask about our specials, Call (336) 247-0212 now, and get your engine the right kind of protection and lubrication today.  


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