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Having bad riding habits can be one of the biggest causes of motorcycle accidents. In this post by Mooresville Synthetic Oil, you will learn about the most common bad riding habits and what you should pay attention to to be safe.

If you are a motorcycle rider, we are sure you know the risks that come with this thrilling activity. Motorcycle riders are involved in numerous accidents every year, and bad riding habits are a significant contributor. Most road accidents can be prevented by paying full attention and making sure safety is being prioritized. In this article by Mooresville Synthetic Oil in Mooresville, you can learn about the most common poor motorcycle riding habits.

Being Over-Confident

Even if you have been riding your motorcycle for years, there might be some skills and techniques you still haven’t learned or developed. In most cases, experience alone doesn’t make riders experts and ready for any situation. Skills need to be kept in check and developed. Make it a point always to keep learning new techniques and ways in which you can be safe whether you are in traffic or on a road trip. The best way to ensure you are safe while riding is to practice frequently. Even if you believe you are an expert in your cornering technique as well as swerving and turning, practice now and then to keep them fresh. There are also a lot of classes and courses that can allow you to develop new techniques and help you be safe in any unexpected situation.

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Neglecting the Fact that You Are Vulnerable

For car drivers, it can be difficult to calculate the approach speed of motorcycles, which can usually cause accidents. Remember that as a motorcycle rider you can be hard to see and therefore are vulnerable. Never assume that those around you know you are there, always be on the lookout for signals that can indicate you could be in a dangerous situation. Make an effort to scan your surroundings and as well as the drivers around you.

Improper Foot Placement

Have you thought about the way you place your feet on the foot pegs? Maybe you ride with half of your foot on the peg but this detail, believe it or not, can cause you to have accidents. Keep your feet in the right position by placing the balls of your feet on the foot pegs. This is going to help keep them off the ground every time you lean your motorcycle over.

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Not Looking Far Enough

It is really common for drivers to only pay attention to their immediate surroundings. This can be dangerous, especially when riding at fast speeds as the timeframe you might have to react to any unexpected situation becomes narrow. A very common example where this happens is when approaching a curve. When it comes to curves, you might not have full visibility of what is on the other side or there might be some vegetation or hillside that might block your view. If you are on a highway, look 12 seconds on the road ahead of you to ensure you can react or adjust what is needed in order to ensure your safety. When approaching a curve, look out for any obstacles and decrease your speed in case there might be something unexpected ahead. Remember to also look in the right direction; your motorcycle will always go the direction of your eyes and head, so stay focused.

Not Wearing the Appropriate Gear

This is by far one of the most critical factors that will ensure your safety while driving. Motorcycles don’t have the surrounding safety that you get when driving a car, so wearing the proper gear allows you to have the protection you need. Make sure to wear your helmet at all times as well as adequate eye protection, gloves, over-the-ankle boots, and jacket and pants with protective armor. It can be common to see drivers without their gear driving around the city, but you should ensure to wear it at all times, no matter where you are or where you are going.

Stay Safe While Driving Your Motorcycle by Protecting Your Engine

Making sure you have the right driving habits is critical when it comes to being safe and enjoying your motorcycle rides. Giving proper maintenance to your motorcycle can also prevent accidents and help you ensure your safety. Give your engine the best products to improve its performance and overall functioning. The experts at Mooresville Synthetic Oil in Mooresville, NC, can help you find the right products for your motorcycle. AMSOIL offers a great variety of synthetic oil for motorcycles, if you want to know more visit the online store or call (336) 247-0212 to learn about synthetic oil change.


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