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Looking into getting a dirt bike? In this article by AMSOIL: Mooresville Synthetic Oi in Mooresville, we’ll walk you through the basics you should know about dirt bikes, safety gear, and safe driving tips. 

Dirt Bikes and How Do They Work

A dirt bike is considered an offroad vehicle, and it’s not legal to drive them on the street. The main reason is that dirt bikes are missing essential safety features that a legal street vehicle does include, like headlights, mirrors, and brake lights. Dirt bikes don’t come with these features because they’re meant to be light and shouldn’t be weighed down by these types of features. Dirt bikes are built with small engines and gas tanks, and stiff suspensions to absorb jumps and bumps from rough terrains. These types of bikes are usually made out of plastic, unlike regular motorcycles, to make them lighter. Finally, the tires on dirt bikes are created with deep treads for better traction when riding on rough terrains.

Using the right products for your dirt bike is also essential for it to run correctly. Learn about the benefits of having a synthetic oil change in Mooresville. AMSOIL: Mooresville Synthetic Oil has excellent products like 10W-40 Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil. Call today at (336) 247-0212 to speak to a professional or visit their online store anytime!

Types of Dirt Bikes

There are several types of dirt bikes for you to choose from. It depends on what you’ll use the bike for, as use and skill are the two most influential factors in knowing what bike to buy. If you’re a beginner, remember that your bike should match your skill and be the proper size for you, an excellent way to tell if you have the right bike size is to see if you can plant your feet comfortably on the ground. That being said, there are several types of dirt bikes; let’s go over some of them:
  • Motocross Bike: A motocross bike is very light and doesn’t have lights, kickstands, speedometers, or mirrors. Manufacturers look to make this type of bike as light as possible as it’s mainly used on race tracks. Also, their seat is long and flat so that riders can shift their weight to have better traction.
  • Enduro Dirt Bike: An enduro bike, whose name comes from the word endurance, is a bike specially designed for cross-country and off-road terrains. It’s heavier than a motocross bike because it’s better equipped for all types of riding conditions. For example, it has rear and front lights for driving in the dark, direction indicators, and speedometers. This also makes some Enduro dirt bikes legal to ride in the street.
  • Trail Rider Dirt Bike: These types of dirt bikes are usually used for MotoTrials or Observed Trials, which focus on skill and bike handling, not on speed. Other characteristics of these types of bikes are that they might have lights for riding in the dark, low-pressure tires, and more fuel capacity. Expert riders don’t suggest trail rider dirt bikes for beginners.
  • Dual Sports Dirt Bike: A Dual Sports dirt bike performs well on and off-road, and many models are also street legal. These types of bikes are also comfortable for longer distances than other types of dirt bikes, and they’re easy to maneuver, making them a good choice for beginners. An important thing to mention is that they’re not usually built for competition.

A synthetic oil change in Mooresville can help your dirt bike’s performance. Ask a friendly oil professional from AMSOIL: Mooresville Synthetic Oil about the best products for your bike by calling (336) 247-0212 or visit their online store today!

Gear You Need to Ride Safely

Once you’ve decided what dirt bike is the right fit for you, you should start thinking about the gear you need to ride safely. Even if you’re not going to compete, having the right equipment can protect you from crashes and accidents, as well as make your riding experience much more comfortable. Some equipment you might need to buy is:
  • A DOT-certified helmet.
  • Goggles to protect your eyes from dirt and debris
  • Padded pants and gloves
  • Knee and elbow pads.
The gear you need will depend on what type of riding you’ll be doing, but keep in mind to look for equipment specially designed for dirt bikes and motocross to ensure you’re well protected no matter what terrain or road you choose to ride.

Tips for Safer Riding

Once you’ve got the right bike and the proper safety gear, it’s time to hop on your bike and learn some safety riding tips. First, make sure you’re riding your bike for the terrain where it’s meant to ride on. When sharing off-road terrains with other vehicles like ATVs, stay clear of them. Always ride within your ability, and don’t ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Finally, always supervise beginner and young riders.

Go on the road with the tranquility that only a synthetic oil change in Mooresville can give you. Contact an expert today at (336) 247-0212 to ask about AMSOIL: Mooresville Synthetic Oil’s products for your dirt bike, or visit their online store 24/7 for more information!



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