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Summer isn’t the only time that you can take your boat out on the water. It also isn’t the only time you need to be aware of how to stay safe while you’re out there.

Whether your vessel fits your entire family and even some friends or it’s just big enough for you and your two best friends to enjoy a day out fishing, if you have a boat and are thinking of taking it out on the water, it’s important that everybody on board is safe.

Staying Safe on the Water

Mooresville Synthetic Oil has the following post with tips to help you keep yourself and your passengers safe while you’re out on the water.

The Weather Guides Your Plans

Whether it’s your birthday, a wedding anniversary, or just a day that you and your friends have been planning for a while to get out on the water and enjoy some fishing, if the date gets closer and the weather prediction is against you, then it’s time to reschedule. The reason it’s so important is because, despite how it might look the morning of the event and as you are getting your vessel into the water, the tides can turn (pardon the pun) without notice, leaving you and your passengers stranded or in a position of danger.

Only One Person Can Be in Charge

When it comes to your boat, there’s only one person who is in charge if danger strikes or an emergency hits. This doesn’t mean that it’s you or the driver. It just means that one person has to be designated. Such a simple step before you head out can prevent multiple people giving commands and half of your passengers listening to one person and the other half listening to the other, potentially causing even more problems.

Prepare for Common Emergencies

Now that everybody knows who to listen to in the event of an emergency, it’s time for everybody to be prepared for a range of common scenarios. As an example, if you or one of your passengers was to fall overboard, the last thing that you want is three people throwing in flotation devices which become tangled while another two people dive in to unsafe waters to attempt a rescue. Replace this with a basic lesson on what to do if somebody falls overboard, including where floatation devices are stored and how they can be used effectively. Click here to buy AMSOIL 10W-30 Synthetic Marine Engine Oil and keep your vessel in good shape. To browse the range of other high-quality AMSOIL marine focused products, check out the online store. Of course, if you need help finding the best suited product for your boat as well as the vehicle which you use to tow it, don’t hesitate to speak with an expert at Mooresville Synthetic Oil by calling (336) 247-0212.

The Most Important Safety Item

On the subject of passengers falling overboard, be sure that you have enough life jackets for every person on board. If you don’t, then they don’t have a place on the boat. It’s as simple as that. This includes ensuring that you have the correct sized jackets for every passenger, adult sized for an adult and child sized for a child. The two are not interchangeable. The reason why it’s a rule of ‘no jacket, no passenger’ is because life jackets are the single most important safety item on a boat and can prevent problems in a range of common emergencies out on the water.

Don’t Drink and Drive...Well, Boat

Whether you plan to drink or not, if you do, it’s important that you keep your eye on how much you drink while you’re out on the water. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a few beers or some champagne to celebrate an event or just a fun day out, just be sure that you’re in a position to provide help should something happen. If you aren’t sure how much you can drink, consider using the same gauge as you do when deciding if you are safe to drive your car home after you have been drinking. Of course, this tip is even more important for the person who has been designated as the emergency contact, as per the tip above.

Every Engine Can Benefit from a Synthetic Oil Change in High Point, NC

Of course, keeping your boat in good shape is important for keeping your passengers safe on the water. A small breakdown because of a lack of maintenance or worn out engine oil can leave you and your passengers stranded and in potential danger. Call Mooresville Synthetic Oil today at (336) 247-0212 to find out about the range of AMSOIL products which can work to keep your marine engine in good shape. Of course, while you’re speaking with them, ask about the range of products which can also help you keep your towing vehicle in good shape.


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