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Synthetic Oil Makes Your Vehicle More Fuel Efficient

As you may already know, on top of the superior protection and full lubrication that synthetic oil offers, fuel efficiency is an added bonus that you will experience when getting a synthetic oil change. In a previous post, we talked about how friction works and how it can put your engine in danger. Today at Mooresville Synthetic Oil we want to explain what the link between friction and fuel efficiency is, and further discuss how synthetic oil is able to truly offer substantial savings in regards to fuel efficiency.

The Engine is Greatly Affected by Friction

An engine has the most-essential job of all the vehicle parts, without it a car would not be a form of transportation, as it would get nowhere. The engine is in charge of getting your car to move and letting you drive it around. In essence, the way the engine does this is by taking the gasoline and fueling several functions with it alongside converting that fuel into a force that gets the tires moving and the car going. Friction is not only dangerous to your engine but also causes it to be slower and more inefficient.

Friction Causes More Gasoline to Be Used Up

Harsh friction is caused by the moving engine parts that lack proper lubrication. When they are not coated by the slippery silky full protection of synthetic oil they can wear and tear and lead to major engine damage, but that is not all the harm friction can do. Friction also leads to the engine having to work harder and more inefficiently. The result of friction is not just wear or abrupt tearing but constant resistance. That resistance is what slows down the engine parts, making the engine work twice as hard to get the pieces moving. Those engine parts that are not well-lubricated struggle to move past each other at the pace they should, and, therefore, you need to push the gas pedal more to provide more fuel to get them going and running more actively. This is a dangerous cycle that leads to more gasoline being wasted and the parts getting worn out much easier and quicker.

Synthetic Oil Significantly Reduces the Effects of Friction

All parts of the engine require special attention, and the best way to make sure that they are protected against friction and minimize gasoline being wasted is by caring for the lubrication system with a synthetic oil change. Amsoil full synthetic oil helps your engine work much more effectively and stay better protected. You can find the right full synthetic oil to match your vehicle's needs at our online store. For more information and personalized help, don't hesitate to contact us immediately.

Friction Decreases an Engine´s Efficiency With Gasoline

Most car engines are notorious for not being very fuel efficient. This lack of efficiency is due to the many jobs and functions that need to be carried out inside the vehicle, all minor functions which also require fuel. In other words, it is only about 18 to 25 percent of the gasoline that is truly used to power the wheels and move the vehicle. About 70 percent of the fuel is used to complete smaller tasks such as the water pump, the alternator, the radiator, the combustion and the other necessities that the engine and vehicle has. What about the rest?

Friction Wastes Gasoline and Makes You Spend More

Now, not all the gasoline that is put into an engine is used adequately to fuel major or minor tasks. And around 5-10 % of the gasoline use is attributed to different losses, and the largest part of this percent is made up by the loss caused by engine friction. Synthetic oil helps improve the engine, and its performance, offering such powerful lubrication that the friction is highly minimized. The elimination of severe engine friction reduces the loss of gasoline that is caused by it. This leads to an improvement of the engine's ability to actually use more of the fuel to power the movement of the car.

Great Synthetic Oil Change Specials in Mooresville

Whether you are looking for ways to save gasoline and money, or to enhance the performance of your engine and prolong its durability, Amsoil synthetic oil has what you need and more. For your synthetic oil change use Amsoil and  stop wasting your money in non-effective oil changes. Contact us now or dial (336) 247-0212 to make the best purchase for the wellbeing of your vehicle, and ask about our synthetic oil specials.


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