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Are you planning to ride your motorcycle with a passenger? If so, ensuring you are informed on how this modifies your motorcycle's handling is crucial. Read this article by Mooresville Synthetic Oil to learn about tips to ensure you have success on your ride.

Learning to ride a motorcycle can be difficult, but learning to ride with a passenger is a whole new challenge. If you are planning on going on a motorcycle trip along with a passenger, it's important you learn what aspects you should be considering. To ensure success on your adventure, ensure to read this article by Mooresville Synthetic Oil in Mooresville, NC, to read about tips on how to safely ride with a passenger.

Riding with a Passenger Affects Your Handling

Riding with a passenger puts extra pressure on your motorcycle as it will have to support almost twice the weigh it is used to. This means your tire pressure will be affected. Also, your braking will be different and your stopping distance will be longer that what you are used to. Your center of gravity will also be different. All of these aspects are crucial for you to consider, as you don't want to be caught off guard and end up in a possibly dangerous situation.

Prepare Your Motorcycle

If you are planning a long trip, ensure you get a pinion seat as well as rear footrests to ensure your passenger's safety and comfort. Give your tires a good check and change their air pressure. Also, your suspension will need some adjusting to ensure your motorcycle can hold the extra weight. If you aren't sure how to properly prepare your motorcycle for you adventure, ensure you read your motorcycle's owner's manual to learn about the correct measurements and precaution measures.

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Ensure Your Passenger Is Prepared

Especially if your passenger doesn't have experience riding a motorcycle, giving them instructions and preparing them for the adventure is essential. Here are some aspects you should talk about with your passenger to ensure you have a smooth ride:
  • Getting on and off the motorcycle: ensure your passenger knows how to properly get on and off the motorcycle. Start by ensuring your motorcycle is completely upright and that both your feet are firmly on the grown. Instruct your passenger to get on the left-hand side of the motorcycle to prevent them from getting burnt by the muffler.
  • Movements: explain to your passenger the importance of them mirroring your movements while riding and to avoid making any sudden movements. Also, instruct them to hold on tightly to you to prevent them from slamming into you if you happen to come to a sudden brake.
  • Hand signals: together with your passenger, decide on hand signals you can use to successfully communicate while on the road. You can decide on the hand signals that work best for you around aspects like "slow down, you are going too fast," "everything is in order," and "pull over". Add other signals if you think is necessary.

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Safety Gear

Both yours and your passenger's safety should always be a priority. You probably own proper motorcycle gear but, what about your passenger? Remember that their safety is in your hands, so ensure you help them be prepared and have the necessary safety gear. Some essential item for every rider are a motorcycle helmet, gloves, jacket, long pants, and appropriate footwear. Motorcycle gear is made with special materials and armor over the joints to ensure maximum protection. If your passenger doesn't own motorcycle gear, ask some of your rider friends if they can lend you safety gear. If this is not an option, ensure your passenger wears garments made out of strong materials like denim or leather to ensure their safety. Also, ensure their footwear doesn't have laces as they can get caught on the rear wheel.

Make Sure You Practice

Before heading on the road, ensure you and your passenger have some time to practice. Head out to an empty parking lot and practice riding with your passenger to ensure you understand what you need to adjust or pay special attention to. Practicing will also help your passenger feel comfortable and be able to learn how to properly behave while being on the motorcycle and on the road.

Ensure You and Your Passenger Are Safe on the Road by Giving Your Engine the Best Products on the Market

Besides ensuring you and your passenger are prepared for the road, give your motorcycle some maintenance. With products like AMSOIL's 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil, your engine will have a great performance while being protected. Learn about the benefits of a synthetic oil change by speaking with a professional at Mooresville Synthetic Oil in Mooresville, NC, by calling (336) 247-0212. For more amazing products visit the online store.


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