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Want to ride your motorcycle faster but don’t have a big budget? Here are some relatively cheap and simple ways to make your bike go full throttle.

Don’t Break the Bank Trying to Ride Faster

Motorcycles give you that freedom of going fast and feeling the wind hitting your skin that cars never will. Many people get into the world of bikes to quench their need for speed. If your one of them, you’re probably always looking for ways to improve your bike’s horsepower and go even faster. But what if you have the need but not the means to satisfy it? Here are the cheapest ways to get the most speed out of your motorcycle without going broke.

The Right Tires

Tires are your one connection to the road. They need to have an incredible grip and feel. You won’t truly know if your current tires are uneven and worn until you try out a new pair of high- quality rubbers. After you’ve broken in your new tires, you’ll notice how smoothly they can turn. If you need some help deciding which tires are right for your motorcycle, take some time to explore some motorcycle forums. Learn from people’s experiences to find the best tires. Splurge: Get a pair of super-light after-market wheels to reduce your bike’s weight.

Maintain Your Motorcycle

You can’t expect to bike to treat you right and go fast if you don’t care for it regularly. You need to make sure that everything is in working order. You need to check your bike’s oil, clean the air filter, refill the fluids, check everything that requires lubrication and use some spray grease on those areas. Don’t forget to make sure that the tires have the right pressure and do try to keep your motorcycle clean. It’s a guarantee that a healthy bike will go faster. Splurge: Get a synthetic oil change. Synthetic oil might be the pricier oil option, but it will give your bike better results. AMSOIL Synthetic Oil has a wide array of oil options for motorcycles and dirt bikes, take some time to check out their online store. You can also give Mooresville Synthetics a call at (336) 247-0212 to get some recommendations on the best lubricants for your type of motorcycle.

Tire Pressure

Your fancy new tires won’t give you the traction you need if they don’t have the right air pressure Underinflated tires are unsafe, they don’t let you handle your bike correctly and they wear out unevenly. Overinflated tires don’t have the proper grip on the road. Check your tire pressure every time you go out for a ride.

The Brake Pads and Brake Lines Need an Upgrade

You’re looking to go faster not to stop faster, right? The ability to stop easier will help you stay on the gas longer and go faster. Bikes usually come with cheap brake pads and rubber brake lines. You need something better. Try braided stainless steel brake lines which resist deformation better than rubber lines. They will respond faster, and they will be firmer. You should also look for ultra-high performance brake pads that have a better grab.

Wear the Full Gear

The knowledge that you’re safe and well-protected on your bike will give you the confidence to push farther. Go ahead and wear your full biking leathers and helmet.

Set up the Suspension

Motorcycles are not set up for your individual weight and size. They’re sold for the general public. You need to adjust your suspension to your specific characteristics and watch how it responds better to you. Many new motorcycles give you the option to customize the preload or compression/rebound damping at home with a few simple tools. Splurge: If your bike still doesn’t feel right after your adjustments. Contact your local dealer or a mechanic to have your suspension set up your suspension.

Take a Class

The best way to be a fast and effective rider is by feeling confident and practicing. Knowing you can handle your motorcycle will give more confidence to push yourself to the legal limit. If your riding skills could be better, look for a class. Track school will teach you all about body position, throttle control, corner entry, and all other skills you need to be an excellent rider. Don’t invest only on the ride, work on the rider as well.

Go for That Synthetic Oil Change in Mooresville

The main difference between motorcycle oil and car oil is that motorcycle oil has various jobs as opposed to car oil. You want to make sure that the oil is doing all the work, so you need the best oil. Get an AMSOIL Synthetic Oil change and feel the difference. Call Mooresville Synthetics at (336) 247-0212 to place your order or shop online. AMSOIL has plenty of options for motorcycles and dirt bikes, like their 10W-30 Synthetic Metric Motorcycle Oil or their 10W-40 Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil.  


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