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Are you looking for ways to ensure your vehicle is in top condition? Cleaning and giving your car maintenance is crucial. One element you should pay attention to is your engine. Engines need to be cleaned from time to time. Learn more about this topic and steps to help you clean your engine by reading this article that Mooresville Synthetic Oil has for you.

Have you ever cleaned your engine? Having a clean and shiny car is surely one of the best feelings. To ensure your vehicle has a long lifespan, cleaning it and giving it frequent maintenance is vital. It’s important not to forget about the wellbeing of your engine. If you haven’t cleaned your engine before, it’s time to do it. Learn more about this topic and about the steps to clean your engine by riding this article that Mooresville Synthetic Oil has for you.

Cool Your Engine

If your engine was previously running, it’s important to let it cool down for about 15 to 20 minutes. Doing so will prevent you from getting burnt. Also, hot engine components can get damaged when being sprayed with cool water due to rapid contraction. Lastly, you will need to cover electrical parts with plastic to protect them along your cleaning process. Doing this step with a hot engine can lead the plastic to melt. While you wait for your engine to cool down, start gathering the tools, materials, and products you need.

Remove Plastic Covers

Now that the engine has the right temperature, it’s time to remove any plastic covers. This is to allow you to reach every part of your engine properly. You can clean your plastic covers separately. Before you continue, think about what you prefer to do with your battery. Many people choose to remove the battery before they start cleaning. However, this is not completely necessary. What you do need to ensure you do is to remove the negative terminal from the battery. This is to ensure that the electrical components don’t get damaged.

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Cover Electrical Components

The time has come to cover any sensitive electrical components. To do this, all you need are some small plastic bags. Take the bags and wrap them around the battery, the spark plugs, the engine unit, the ignition wires, the exposed engine air take under the hood, etc. Some people prefer being extra careful when rinsing to avoid this step, but we advise you to take the time to protect all vital electrical components. Doing so will allow you to clean your engine more thoroughly.

Degrease the Engine

To degrease your engine, start by choosing a degreaser. You can buy a purpose-made engine degreaser or use a household degreaser. A kitchen cleaner will do the job perfectly. Next, start spraying degreaser all over the engine compartment. Start from top to bottom, ensuring to cover as much surface as possible. When spraying, be careful not to cover any paint. Degreaser tends to remove the sine form automotive parts. If you happen to spray your paint, clean it as soon as possible.

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Scrub off Dirt

After spraying degreaser all over your engine, take a small brush with synthetic bristles and start scrubbing. The common thins you find in a. Dirty engine are grease deposits, dirt, grime, and caked-on oil traces. This is normal and happens to every engine overtime. To make this experience as safe and enjoyable as possible, we recommend wearing eye protection and gloves. This will prevent from your skin from being exposed to degreaser for a long period of time.

Rinse the Engine

The best thing you can use to rinse your engine is a power hose. Avoid using a high pressure hose to do this task as it can penetrate the plastic you used to cover the sensitive electrical components. Rinse the entire engine compartment starting from the back and working your way to the front. Make sure to wash away all the dirt and the remaining degreaser. If you notice that your engine is still dirty, spray more degreaser and repeat the process.

Dry the Engine

It’s time to dry your engine. Dry your engine by taking a rag or towel and wiping. Otherwise, use compressed air if it’s available to you. Make the effort to reach all nooks and hard to reach places of your engine. If you notice any dirt or grime left, make sure to wipe it off completely.

Keep Your Engine Protected by Giving It a Synthetic Oil Change in Mooresville, NC

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