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There are many fluids involved in making your car function, from synthetic oil for your engine to brake fluid for your brakes. Here’s a short guide to the fluids your vehicle should never go without.

All Systems Require Different Lubrication

Your vehicle is made up of different systems working together towards a common goal: keeping you safe on the road. Proper maintenance and regular synthetic oil changes can extend your vehicle’s life. A significant part of your car’s maintenance is replacing various fluids or lubricants. Do you know what the fluids that make your car function are? Every system uses something different, and here you’ll find a simple guide to the fluids that make your vehicle go.


Cars, motorcycles, and boats alike all need fuel to get moving. No gas, no action. It might be too obvious to mention this fluid, but it’s a basic fluid nonetheless. Running low on gas can affect your vehicle in several ways. You should always drive your car with at least half a tank of gas.

Synthetic Motor Oil

The first thing you think about when it comes to car lubrication is motor oil. Without motor oil, your engine would soon seize up and stop functioning leaving your car as just a pretty object to admire. Oil travels all around the engine, lubricating and collecting pollutants so all the metal parts that make it up can do a good job. Motor oil not only lubricates, it also plays a significant role in regulating the engine’s temperature and preventing it from overheating. When it comes to choosing the right motor oil for your engine, you should go for the synthetic option.  Synthetic oil is much more beneficial for your vehicle than mineral oil, just give it a try. Next time you reach your oil change interval or when you notice your oil has turned dark and gritty, get a synthetic oil change. For the best synthetic lubricants, try AMSOIL Synthetic Oil. You can get everything you need to change your oil at their online store. If you’re interested in extending your oil change intervals, give their XL 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil a try. Don’t forget that it’s imperative to change your oil filter as well. You can also choose to call Mooresville Synthetic Oil at (336) 247-0212 if you need some help deciding what to get.

Brake Fluid

There’s another hydraulic system in your car, and it is the brake system. When you step on the brake pedal, a plunger pushes the brake fluid through some tubes that make the brake pads clamp on the rotors and cause your car to stop. If there is not fluid, there won’t be anything to keep the air pressure, and you will find it hard to stop your vehicle. You’ll notice the brake fluid level is low if the pedal feels spongier when you press on it.

Power Steering Fluid

The system that controls your car’s wheels is called the power steering system. This is a hydraulic system, meaning it requires air pressure and hydraulic oil or power steering fluid to function. There’s no specific mileage to let you know when it’s time to replace the power steering fluid, but you should check it once a month. If you start having trouble steering or you hear your tires screeching or whining when you turn them, it might be because they’re running low on power steering fluid.

Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid does pretty much the same job for the transmission that motor oil does for the engine. The transmission makes your gear system work. It requires the fluid so you can switch gears smoothly. Many manufacturers recommend that you change the fluid every 60,000 miles unless there’s a leak. You’ll notice you’re running low on transmission fluid if you have trouble shifting gears.


Engines run at extreme temperatures, so synthetic oil is used to regulate these temperatures, but it also needs something more to cool down: the coolant or antifreeze. The coolant’s job is to move through the engine absorbing the heat and bringing it back to the radiator. You can easily change the antifreeze at home every 30,000 miles or so.

Windshield Wiper Fluid

Alright, your car won’t stop working if you don’t have windshield wiper fluid. However, it will help you stay safe while driving. You need visibility to be able to drive safely. The windshield wiper fluid has special chemicals that help easily remove gunk and other contaminants from the windscreen.

Everything You Need to Meet Your Vehicle’s Lubrication Requirements in Mooresville

You can find everything you need to meet your car’s lubrication requirements from AMSOIL. They have synthetic oil, oil filters, brake fluid, hydraulic oil, and many other lubricants to keep your vehicle in top shape. Go ahead and call Mooresville Synthetic Oil at (336) 247-0212 to place your order.


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