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This post will cover what to look for when buying a used car broken down into three main categories: what condition the vehicle is in, how to read the car’s mileage and age, and assessing the vehicle’s history report. 

What is the Car’s Condition?

For used car buyers, it’s crucial to assess what condition the car is in before taking the plunge and buying one. There are a few ways to figure out what condition the vehicle you’re looking into is in. The first one is to look into Certified Preowned (CPO) cars. While not every car has a CPO, the ones that have are ready to be sold. If the car you’re looking at isn’t a CPO car, don’t worry. The best option here is to take it to a mechanic who can assess the car’s condition you intend to purchase. Many reputable dealerships will let you take the vehicle in for inspection. If that isn’t an option, you can always take a mechanic with you when you go in to look at cars for them to inspect at the dealership. Getting a mechanic to assess your vehicle will cost you, but in the long run, it’s the best choice; this way, you’ll be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

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Assessing Mileage and Age

According to experts, a car should rake up around 12,000 miles per year of use. While this is a good number to keep in mind, it can also be tricky, and it’s not the only aspect of a used car you should consider. Is mileage important? Yes, it is, but it’s only one factor to consider when buying a used car. Additionally, you should consider how old the car is to compare with the mileage. There’s a possibility that if you’re looking at an older car that has very little mileage, it could be that the odometer is broken and isn’t reading the mileage correctly. It could also mean that the previous owner didn’t take care of the vehicle or suggest that the previous owner didn’t do much driving. All of this could affect the condition of your car, but a professional mechanic will be able to tell you these things upon inspection.

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Check for the Vehicle History Report

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can be found on the car’s dashboard, on the inside of the car door, on the engine, or under the spare tire. With this number, you can look into your vehicle’s history of accidents, owners, maintenance, emissions, and many other aspects of a car’s history. First, through the VIN, you can check how many, if any, accidents the vehicle has been in. If the car you’re looking at has been in an accident where it was declared a total loss, which means that the cost to repair the vehicle was higher than what the insurance was willing to pay. A car reported as a total loss might also mean that it had structural and mechanical damage, which can’t be easily fixed and would be a red flag for any used car buyer. Secondly, doing a VIN search will let you know how many owners a car has had, as well as if it’s a stolen vehicle. A car with many owners could put into question how well the car has been taken care of. On the other hand, a stolen car could get you into legal trouble even if you weren’t aware you were purchasing a stolen vehicle. Doing a quick search can help you avoid problems. Thirdly, if possible, try to get the maintenance records for the vehicle, which is also possible through a VIN search. This way, you can assess how the previous owner cared for the car, and it can help you decide if it’s the best vehicle for you.

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