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Are you thinking about buying a new car? Choosing a new car can be challenging and confusing. To help you, we have compiled a list of some of the most common car body types for you to learn about. Keep reading this post by Mooresville Synthetic Oil.

Choosing a new car can be a very challenging thing to do. There are so many options and so many aspects to consider. It can also be confusing to see so many different car styles and not understand what makes them so different. Learning about different car body types and their characteristics can make this process a lot easier. If you are interested in learning about this topic, read this article by Mooresville Synthetic Oil in Mooresville.


The sedan is one of the most popular body styles. The sedan has 4 doors, two rows of seats, and a 3-box configuration. It is loved by many thanks to being affordable and providing a great fuel economy. Also, sedans have a lower center of gravity. This makes the car less prone to tipping and safer than many other car body types. This is one of the reasons that make sedans to be loved by most beginner drivers. However, the sedan doesn’t offer a lot of space. Many drivers struggle with the leg and headroom. Also, storage space is limited.

Station Wagon

If you are looking for something slightly bigger than a sedan, a station wagon may be for you. Even though station wagons' popularity has decreased in the past few years due to the versatility of other car body types, it still poses as an amazing option. Station wagons have amazing amenities while offering similar handling and accommodation as the sedan. They offer spacious interiors, high performance, four-wheel drive, and a high level of efficiency.

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The SUV is considered to be a bigger vehicle. SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle, which means that it is designed both for on and off-road use. You can take an SUV for an adventure as it can drive through snow, sand, and mud. It has higher ground clearance and four-wheel drive, making it very versatile. However, SUV’s have a reputation for rolling over in accident situations. This is a factor you should take into consideration when thinking about buying an SUV.


Hatchbacks are very versatile cars. This car body type has a top-hinged trunk with rear seats that fold, allowing a lot more cargo space than a sedan. Its size is bigger than a sedan but smaller than an SUV and a Minivan. It allows much space for passengers while allowing a great amount of storage space. This vehicle is great for small families, and there is a great variety of hatchbacks you can choose from that fit your necessities the best.

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The minivan is the vehicle used by most big families. Minivans are convenient as they allow you to transport up to eight people. They have three-row sitting while still leaving a great amount of space for cargo. They have plenty of storage compartments and usually come with video screens, offering easy access to entertainment. Despite their size, minivans are easy to drive and very comfortable and allow you to configure the interior in several ways.


Convertibles may not be practical, but they sure do offer an amazing driving experience. Convertibles have rear seats with minimal legroom. They also have close to no cargo space, which can be very impractical. Also, they are very expensive. However, driving a convertible can be an amazing experience. You can roll the top down and enjoy all-round visibility. If you are looking to buy a vehicle with experience in mind rather than practicality, this vehicle is for you.

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