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Your car would not function the same way without the help of four filters. The oil filter, the air filter, the fuel filter, and the cabin air filter make your ride smooth, take some time to learn more about them here.

The Forgotten Protectors of Your Engine

Your car needs various fluids such as fuel, oil, water, and others to function. However, they are not alone. They need several filters to remain clean and doing what they’re meant to do which is lubricate and power your engine. There a four filters you need to change from time to time to maintain your vehicle in top shape. Mooresville Synthetic Oil brings you some information about the filters that keep your car working, the real stars of the game.

The Four Filters That Make Your Car Function Smoothly

The oil filter: The oil filter has the biggest impact on your engine’s life and performance than all other filters. It’s crucial to replace it everytime you get a synthetic oil change. As you know, many metal parts are working together in your engine. The constant grinding causes friction, which can be reduced by using synthetic oil. Excess friction can cause overheating and affect your motor in other ways. Regardless of how great your oil maybe, tiny metal shavings still scrape off from the moving pieces. These shavings end up in your oil and might block the flow of components. Luckily, you’ve got an oil filter. What the oil filter does is trap all those pollutants and keep your engine working effortlessly. Oil filters are very advanced by now, but they still need to be replaced every in your change your oil. You need to give your engine a fresh start all around. If you’re in the market for new synthetic oil, you should try AMSOIL’s Signature Series 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil which you can get from their online store. You can also get your oil filter there as well. Some people prefer a more personalized shopping experience. If you’re one of them, you can call Mooresville Synthetic Oil at (336) 247-0212 to get all of your supplies in Mooresville. The Fuel Filter:  The fuel filter works differently with petroleum and diesel. Both filters help improve your engine’s performance and extend its life-span, but their jobs are different. If you own a gasoline engine, the oil filter will remove most of the impurities that come with the fuel. Since gasoline is organic, it’s bound to have some contaminants, plus the tanks in which it’s stored might have other pollutants as well. Don’t worry. They won’t harm your engine! But if you want to keep your gas tank cleaner, however, be smarter when you refuel. Diesel engines need the fuel filter to prevent engine corrosion by removing water build up. Diesel fuel filters are shaped like a bowl. They let diesel (which is lighter than water) go through and retain the rest of the liquid. Once full, the drain plug can be removed to get rid of the water. Rust and corrosion can severely damage your engine, so it’s essential that you take care of your fuel filter. The air filter: The combustion process needs air to be completed, which is why the engine sucks out air from the outside. The air helps your engine work properly, but it can also affect your fuel efficiency if your car doesn’t combust correctly. Now, the air filter collects the pollutants such as dust, pollen, and other particles that come along with the air. The air filter basically lets the combustion process go by smoothly. You can clean it from time to time, by pulling it out of the black box near the engine. However, this is only a temporary fix. You need to replace it once a year unless you live in a heavily polluted or dusty area where you need to change it more often. The cabin air filter:  The three other filters work to make your engine better, the cabin air filter is there solely to make your ride better. This filter captures the same airborne particles as the air filter, but it prevents them from entering the cabin and affecting you. All that dust and pollen floating in the air can enter your cabin to annoy you, especially if you have allergies. The cabin air filter keeps the air clean. You should replace it once a year, or more if you live in particularly dusty areas.

Change Your Oil and Your Filters in Mooresville

Be sure to replace your filters as frequently as your owner’s manual recommends. You can do it yourself, or your mechanic can do it for you. When it’s time to replace them head on to AMSOIL’s online store to check out their top-quality automotive products. Don’t forget to shop for your oil to get a synthetic oil change as well. You can also call Mooresville Synthetic Oil at (336) 247-0212 to get some recommendations on which motor oil to get and place your order.


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