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Oil Checks and Synthetic Oil Changes Keep Your Engine in Great Shape

Dealing with engine problems can be tough, and very expensive, it is always best to prevent them than have to face them after they have started. Checking the oil, and getting a synthetic oil change as needed are two of the best ways to make sure your engine stays out of danger. With this in mind today we want to further talk about how oil checks can keep your engine in good shape.

Motor Oil Is Important Use the Best, Use Amsoil Full Synthetic Oil

The motor oil you use serves several functions, we have previously discussed how it eliminates friction and protects against it, but it does more than just that. Motor oil is in charge of several functions and these all allow the engine to stay protected and running better. Without quality oil that is in good shape the engine will start suffering and be more likely to encounter problems. That is why it is important to use a top-notch motor oil such as Amsoil full synthetic oil. Keeping your oil in good state means checking on it and getting synthetic oil changes as needed, visit our Amsoil online store to find the right full synthetic oil for your vehicle or contact us today.

Why Changing the Oil is Important

Motor oil not only lubricates but also has other functions. While it lubricates it also cools off the engine parts and picks up traces of residues that shouldnt be there such as dirt or combustion. It helps keep the engine clean of sludge and reduces the acidity inside the engine. Some special motor oils such as full synthetic oil, even enhance the performance of the engine and allow it to improve fuel economy of the vehicle. All of the functions of motor oil are important, however the efficiency in which they are carried out eventually deteriorates with time. Conventional motor oil looses the ability to carry out these functions sooner than synthetic oil, but regardless of the oil you use, it will need to be checked and changed at some point. Checking the oil can help you ensure that the oil is both sufficient in quantity and in good state to continue to cover all of these jobs.

How Checking the Oil Helps the Engine

If you check your oil often and need to add more oil everytime, then this could be a sign that something more serious is going on. It may be a leak or an old seal that is cracking, or it could be that there may be a more serious internal problem inside the engine that is causing the engine to use up the oil much more quickly. Whatever the case is, if this is something you notice then you should have it inspected right away before it becomes a more harmul situation. Checking the oil will help you stay on top of these things and notice them before they become harder to resovle. It will also allow the level of oil to be enough so that the engine does not have to run on very little lubrication and face great damage.

What to Look for in Order to Know If You Need to Change the Oil

Keeping a record of when your last changed your oil is also important but if for some reason you don´t know exactly when it was and want to figure out if it should be changed or not, an oil check can let you know. When checking the oil, take a good look at the oil that is picked up by the dipstick and feel it in between your fingers, if it leaves a smudge of dirt or feels like it is carrying much soot, then it may be wearing out and need to be changed. Another sign to look for is color, it is not a definate indicator but is a good way to get an idea of whether or not to change the oil. A very dark blackish color that is not at all clear, means that it should be changed soon, while a more brown color that is a bit more clear, may indicate that it could still go a few miles before a necessary change.

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