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Summer car care misconceptions vary with the season. Today we will explore some common automobile care myths you hear about the summer and the heat.

The Summer Heat and the Myths it Brings

The heat can affect everything. Your fuel consumption, your oil, your tires, and of course your mood. The heat will hurt your car, period. To what extent greatly depends on the type of maintenance and care you provide. Taking care of your vehicle during the summer is especially important. You don’t want to end up stranded in the middle of the road because your oil is old and you’re antifreeze tank is almost empty. To help you care for your vehicle this summer, Mooresville Synthetic Oil brings you this post to debunk some summertime auto myths.

If Your Engine Overheats, Turn On the A/C

Quite the opposite, actually. If your engine overheats, the last thing you want to do is turn on the A/C and make your engine even hotter. You should, instead, blast the heater to the max. This will help remove some of the engine’s heat and bring it into the cabin. Sure you’ll be super sweaty and hot, but your engine will cool down significantly while you keep on driving. However, if you often find yourself using the heater because your engine overheated, you should check if there’s something wrong with your cooling system.

Thicker Oil is a Must for the Summer

The first thing you need to do before you decide to change your oil is to consult your owner’s manual to check for the oil viscosity recommendations. While some car manufacturers will suggest that you change your oil according to the season, most modern engines don’t need it. Recent engines are designed to run on thinner oil because it helps better to reduce friction. In fact, you can stick to the 5W-20 oil most engines come with, and your car will do just fine. However, if you drive an old vehicle switching to a 10W-30 oil for the summer might be a better idea. If you want to stop worrying about changing your oil with the season, you should better switch to synthetic oil. Synthetic oil works just as good in the summer as it does in the winter, and you don’t need to worry about replacing the viscosity level with the season. AMSOIL’s Signature Series 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil will give you year around engine protection, be sure to get your follow the recommended oil change intervals and you’ll do just fine. Get everything you need for a synthetic oil change in Mooresville (plus some synthetic oil tips) by calling Mooresville Synthetic Oil at (336) 247-0212.  You can also browse through AMSOIL’s online store to learn all about their lubricants and other products.

Are Black Cars Truly More Affected by the Heat?

Yes! If you’re a black car owner, you’ve probably noticed how unbearably hot your car can get when parked under the sun. There’s a really interesting experiment where a black and a white vehicle were left under the sun for a few hours. The black car’s temperature rose to 130°F after a while, on the other hand, the white car’s temperature only rose to 113°F. After some time, the white vehicle cooled down way faster than the black car did.

Coolant and Water Are Both Good Options to Cool Your Engine

The only reason why you can use water on your cooling system should be because there’s no coolant around and you plan to replace it as soon as possible. Water won’t be enough to lower your engine’s temperature during the summer. Coolant has anti-wear and anticorrosion additives that water doesn't possess. If you want your cooling system to do its job correctly, use 50-50 water and coolant mix. If you need to refill your coolant tank, try AMSOIL’s Low Toxicity Antifreeze and Engine Coolant. Just be sure to empty out the tank, because mixing antifreeze brands is not recommended.

You Should Roll the Windows Down to Stay Cool and Save Fuel During the Summer

It all depends on where you’re driving.  If you’re just driving around town and the weather allows it, rolling the windows down will definitely help you improve your fuel mileage. However, if you’re on the highway or open road, the open windows will increase the aerodynamic drag and increase your fuel consumption. You can also use AMSOIL’s P.i. Performance Improver Gasoline Additive and change your car’s various filters to help your gas last longer.

Since Snow Tires are not Necessary, Old Tires With Less Tread are OK

While keeping your snow tires during the summer won’t do your car any good, switching to old ones with low tread won’t be any better. Summer often brings rains, and tires with low tread perform poorly on wet roads since they don’t have enough grip. If your tires are looking old and worn, better get a new set.

All You Need for a Synthetic Oil Change This Summer in Fayetteville

When you’re ready to get a synthetic oil change, be sure to call Mooresville Synthetic Oil at (336) 247-0212 to purchase your supplies. Alternatively, you can explore AMSOIL’s online store to buy your synthetic oil and all other fluids you need to keep your car in shape this summer in Mooresville.  


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